Jenifer Toksvig


My poem "What They Took With Them - a List" was made into a film by global refugee charity UNHCR and Facebook, featuring photos by the incredible Brian Sokol, to promote awareness of the global refugee crisis, and draw attention to a petition that was delivered to the UN headquarters in New York ahead of the UN General Assembly high-level summit to address large movements of refugees and migrants in September 2016.

The petition is here:

Please sign and share it.

You can engage with UNHCR on Facebook here.



Songs / poetry for Moving Stories, a UNHCR benefit concert at the National Theatre’s Lyttelton and the Theatre Royal Haymarket, for producer Emma Manton, as well as What They Took With Them workshops with Emma Manton and Niall Ashdown at the Good Chance Tent on the Southbank, and at the LUSH 2016 Summit.

The Lush Speakeasy - a conversation with Stella Duffy and Cathy Haynes, facilitated by Charlie Moores, on the subject of On The Periphery

Reshaping the book for Atina, Evil Queen of the Galaxy, score by Alan Menken, original book & lyrics by Steve Brown, for Danish producer Søren Møller.

A Fairytale Moment: immersive community-embedded project in development. Scratched with Theatre Delicatessen at The Old Library; installed at Dulwich Library for Southwark Festival of Words 2018.

With playwright David Edgar, I'm the co-chair of the Theatre Committee at the Writers Guild of Great Britain.


The Copenhagen Interpretation

The name comes from a Quantum Mechanics theory that I can't begin to explain, but it's related to my view of the interaction between audience and live performance: that every encounter between any audience member and any live performance on any given day in any given place at any given time is unique. Much of my work is about acknowledging that, and facilitating encounters that are designed to embrace and enhance it.

The Copenhagen Interpretation is not a theatre company. It's just a description of the people and the processes I work with, in the name of finding the elusive system that is the cardboard box in which Schrödinger keeps his cat. Right now, I refer to it as Storyworlding (or Holodeck Theatre).

Here's my Tumblr, which is where I capture discoveries, thoughts and questions about it.