Jenifer Toksvig

The Larder

Cold Readings

If you've got an early draft of something, or even just some ideas to explore, The Larder can help you to self-produce you own cold reading, or an exploration workshop, usually for half a day, or a full day.


You pay the Equity minimum daily rate for everyone involved, and for the space we use... but we're great at finding very cheap space, and at narrowing it down to the minimum number of people necessary to read your show. We do all the organising for you free of charge. We don't ask for any ongoing interest in the show at all.

Our tribe of cold readers are a great collective of performers, writers, directors and dramaturgs who have plenty of experience at providing early stage dramaturgy on new writing, especially in musical theatre.

These readings and workshops are usually facilitated by Jenifer, and happen in London. (But get in touch if you're not in London: if we can't come to you, we could still organise it for you.)

If you'd rather just do this yourself, but don't know where to start, we're happy to advise on that too. (For free!)

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